Sick leave

Sick leave

Every day I get to know a few more new people. That’s just how you call it – getting to know,

while in fact, I just exchange a few words with them, which is far from getting to know them.



And they’re not new people at all, they were made a long time ago, about at the same time as me, approximately, but that’s also just what you call them – new people. A lot of things you just call that way, just like that, without a reason.

And as I get to know those new people, here, in Denmark, and generally everywhere else, I notice that many of them are on sick leave. They’re sick in many ways, for many reasons. I mean, it’s just what you call it, them being sick for many reasons, because they’re truly sick for one reason only – they aren’t doing what they love. They go to work, they have work hours, they do the assigned duties, they earn money, but in the meantime, they got sick and tired of those infinite work hours that only seem to grow longer and longer. That’s why they’re on a sick leave now. And that sick leave is their chance to start doing what they love, to find out what job that is… to find love… That is, if they recognize the sick leave as an opportunity and not only a break meant for them to just catch their breath.