Program No. 1

Program No. 1

I found myself in a video game.

I was staring at a large sixty-inch screen, watching a TV show.

It’s just like playing a game.

Both boil down to virtual events, an illusion.



I was staring at a large sixty-inch screen, watching a TV show.

I’d stopped doing that, I hadn’t watched TV shows or movies for a long time, I don’t play video games, I don’t have a TV. But now, staying at my friend’s house, I got hooked. I was enthralled by the illusion.

I was staring mutely at the screen from which the atoms splashed directly into my ears and eyes, creating synapses of predictability in my subconscious – my mind was receiving the program. Radio and Television Program No. 1.

I was sitting connected to a flat board of liquid crystal, reduced to a single dimension, controlled, still as a lamb. Producers, directors, actors, TV hosts, politicians, businessmen, marketing gurus, and merchants defied nature, creating a virtual mess and infusing it into my consciousness and the consciousness behind all other pairs of eyes looking at the crystal maelstrom. The profitability diagram was picking up the pace day by day, the mess growing bigger. For as long as the budget is growing, the mess grows too. On an invisible command, all of us together, the producers and the audience, are digging a narrow trench that only keeps growing deeper.

At the thought, I snapped and returned from the game back into real life.

Had I kept staring at the screen, I would have remained stuck in micro-space, my senses convincing me that I was expanding across the universe. I’d crouch, curled, next to the flat mind-controlling surface, and real life would shimmer on without me, far away, among the starry expanses of quantum links of love, in her orgasmic oceans… in my immediate, yet unfathomable proximity.


Still, I turned my gaze away from the screen,

and here I am,

Shimmering in you.