Images that help you relax yourself

Our life is consists of a large number of habits, and habits are the primary expression of subconsciousness. Because of the strong influence of our surroundings on our subconsciousness, it leads us in a way we didn’t choose sometimes: we do jobs we don’t like, we eat unhealthy, we act inappropriately, we don’t love ourselves… Thoughts directed at the media information lead to a passive life. That kind of life is full of restrictions, rules and fear. I threw out my TV almost twenty years ago, and, ever since, I haven’t been buried with unneccessary and harmful information that television channels emit. When I did that, I was flooded with critique from all sides, people telling me that I did the wrong thing; my children are being denied their fun, and me, information about current happenings…. But, in reality, the complete opposite happened: the children created their own fun, and I became more accurately notified. I was no longer buried with news hammered in my cerebellum daily, repeating the same text every hour, and I could finally recieve information coming from myself, from my intuition. Instead of TV and radio, I started listening to myself.

It’s exactly listening to others instead of yourself and your intuition is what seperates us from our own nature. Our lives have become remote-controlled, and outside influence, the influence of other people on our desicions is daily. Even when our health is concerned, we’re not able to make a decision about which is the right road to take and how to balance our organism. Even if we try to depend on our intuition, everyone around us will convice us that that’s not a good idea.

A few days ago, a friend came to me for advice about her health problems, which she wasn’t able to get rid of for some time now. She came with her husband and when she told me in a teary voice that she doesn’t want to do it at all, to go to a cystoscopy for God knows which time now because she has had an extremely bad experience with the procedure, the huband jumped on his feet and angrily exclaimed that there’s not a chance, she has to do it-they’ll give her total anesthesia and that she won’t feel a thing. After that, she receded, nodded, and fell into even bigger despair. Even though she felt that it wasn’t good fo her, even if she rejected it wholeheartedly, she simply wasn’t confident in herself and her intuition, she acted in the way others have told her to act. She still went t the appointment that created her many complications before and enlargened her problem even further.

You can help yourself with taking a single look at the set of the Phototherapy pictures. The photographs you choose help you get your organism in a state of tranquility. In that calm state, your decisions will be unmistkable and firm. Your confinence will grow, and everything that has weakened you will simply cease to exist. The outside influence will no longer be a prevention from your development.