How to use photographs as self-therapy

I love photography. I love taking pictures. Something is always happening around us, and when I walk around with my camera in hands, I notice a lot of things. The things that attract me, I take photos of: the nature, a building, people, a moment… Why something grabbed my attention, I don’t know, I have no idea, but every time the camera clicks, I feel in my stomach sort of a harmony, balance, energy, position, strength, weakness, power, inaptitude… and every one of the hundreds of thousands photographs I’ve taken carries in itself emotion and a message, and those messages differ… I don’t take photos with a planned intention, I don’t look for themes-I succumb to the Universe. The picture pops up by itself. And each new one is a reflection of the thing that happened the moment it was taken, both in physical and material, and the mental and spiritual sense.

Out of an abundance of moments caught with a lens of a camera, I have developed fifty-six photographs created at different times and in different places and put them next to each other. Then I asked I friend to choose three photos that grabbed his attention the most. He picked out those fist three. The fact that they were the ones that attracted him is not coincidental.

We’re always in a situation where we have to choose something. And in the same way that, in life, a certain color, or a fruit, or a person, clothes, or a shape attracts you, so do certain pictures. Some find themselves attracted to ones, some to others. When you’re choosing the photographs, your attention is grabbed by the very ones that carry just the information that you lack, that you need. In that way, you receive a message directly from the collective consciousness, which we’re all connected to. Nature and collective consciousness help everyone, even when we’re not aware of it. Your intuition is always on the line with the wholeness and it’s never wrong, but we often disregard it. Using the photographs, I’ve made a self-help tool. With the use of this tool, the information you get through your intuition will no longer be foggy, it’ll become sharp and precise. This tool is called Phototherapy.

It’s always there, within us and around us, it exists and it persists. We have come to know some of it, some of it not yet. People discover new things through centuries. But just because we’ve discovered how to light a fire, or because we’ve put the periodic table together, doesn’t mean that fire and the elements from the table hadn’t existed before their discovery. It’s the same with Phototherapy, the elements Phototherapy is made of have existed before I put them together and made them visible. These elements now stand at an arm’s length, like a foreign dictionary. It’s only up to you to read them. That could change your life.