How to increase intuition                

If you notice uncomfortable things happen to you often: you feel unwell, you have health problems, you’re fatigued by bad thoughts, you keep ending up in tricky situations, you’re anxious, you’re restless…it’s a sign that it’s time to try something new. You need a change.

If things aren’t going well, we tend to blame others out of habit: did you see how my colleague set me up, everything’s his fault; my kids don’t listen to me; that guy at the green market is constantly giving me rotten apples on purpose… Then you try your best to teach your colleague, kids, the green market guy a lesson. But teaching someone a lesson is utopia. The only person you can make see sense is yourself. Changing your point of view is an option you can choose in every moment, but although it can save you from many troubles, you think about that option rarely.

If you change your beliefs and attitude, you’ll notice everything around you changing. A simple way of learning what you should change is using your intuition. But how do you use your intuition?

One way of doing it is Phototherapy. That method will strengthen your intuition and help you get rid of the habits that prevent your self-growth and create you a lot of problems. This is an opportunity to learn what your intuition’s trying to tell you in less than two minutes. This is an opportunity to clear up your life.