How do I relax and clear my mind?

How do things function?

Is it clear to you how things work in the world?

You can start by guessing everything works exactly the way it’s supposed to. That every one of us has a position and that we’re always surrounded by the very people we can learn something from. If we perceive the world as a school that we need, that’s the way the world is going to be. We are going to learn something new each day. We’re not going to miss classes because of a headache or a period. If we accept that we can change our major in every, and that the school is open and accessible for every course of studying, then we’ll feel freed.

But we can perceive the world in a different way, as a place full of oppression, suffering and pain. A place where everything is upside-down, where regular people depend on powerful ones, where everybody has ulterior motives and nobody is honest. If we perceive it in that way, we are going to be filled with fear, and our freedom is going to be bordered with our fears.

This two opposite views interlace in each and every one of us. Not everything is black or white. One day, you can think in one way, the next, in another. But the thing that makes you be one way or another, is a decision. It’s your decision that defines your life. That may look too simple to be true, but it is. Whether you accept it or not, you can choose between freedom and fear in any moment. Because it’s exactly you who chooses the course of your own movement, unless somebody didn’t already choose for you. Maybe the thing you’re reading right now seems banal, maybe you already made some decisions, tried to live freely and didn’t succeed…maybe you’re tired of everything? But don’t give up, that final decision doesn’t get made once, or twice. It gets made every day, your whole life. And that’s not that hard, when you make a habit out of it, when you start to listen to your inner voice… That voice, your intuition, is the thing that can free you, the thing that can bring your mind and being in a state of tranquility.