How can photographs be used for mind detox

Try to imagine that your mind is a camera. If your mental focus is constantly directed in the same way, you’re always going to have the same picture in your head. It’s the same as directing a camera lens at the same city window and expecting a picture of the woods. You also can’t expect any real change in your life if your mental focus is constantly directed at your surroundings, and never in your internal being. What does that really mean?

If you look around a little bit, when you go to the nature or a city park, you’ll notice a lot of trees and plants growing there. Some of those trees could be old a hundred years, and still it spreads its branches high above the ground, it’s strong and powerful. It knows how to live even if nobody taught it how to do it. It didn’t go to middle nor high school nor to college, it didn’t watch World of Survival, it has all the knowledge it neeeds in that little seed it sprouted out of. It knows exactly when to make its buds into flowers, in which way to spread its branches, where to draw water from, when to let its yellow leaves on the ground… it has all the knowledge it needs in that little seed. It’s the same way with us people, we carry everything from birth, our intuition is present from concieving. If we let it work, it will show us the way, it will teach us.

But what can lead us to our intuition?

It’s Phototherapy. With the use of the photographs you can access your intuition. Phototherapy is a method that unmistakably gives you the needed information. When you choose the photos, you choose exactly the ones that help you determine your way and to dive in your internal treasure.