This page focuses on mental detoxification.
Phototherapy is a method that promotes development of intuition and change of habits.
If you are faced with an emotional, spiritual, mental or physical misbalance and you feel that you need a change, select three photos from Photherapy and let your best guide – your intuition – show you the way.
We are exposed to mental pesticides on a daily basis and it can separate us from our nature without us so much as noticing it. Social events are shaping our beliefs, habits, and thoughts. Most of the decisions we believe are our own are made by someone else, and this is the very source of dissatisfaction, suffering, and illness.
Every individual has had the gift of intuition from birth. We have all said at some points in our life: “Why didn’t I just listen to myself”. By developing intuition, we are developing our being and aligning with our nature and the nature around us. The environment transforms from “an enemy” into a school where we are continually learning. Over time, excellent health and happiness become our everyday reality. We develop a skill which helps us transform the pesticides into a natural fertilizer.
Photos on this page have practical, utility-based value.