Bringing it in balance

Bringing it in balance

Mitota – the non-harmonic state of mind and techniques of clearing it


uspostavljanje ravnoteze

Everything around you is changing every day.

You yourself are constantly on the move. If you follow your feelings on your path, your spiritual and physical body will be in harmony, you will be radiating the joy of life.

Otherwise, if you disregard your feelings, the infallible internal indicator, sooner or later you will come into conflict with yourself, and also with your environment.

Your path will turn into a constant struggle across all levels and in that struggle, you will see the only way to restore balance. Struggle will become a way of life for you without you even so much as noticing it.

I gave one name to all the themes that deal with restoration of balance without struggle – Mitotes. Mitotes serve to review the fundamental social, urbane, educational, cultural, and economic patterns of behavior while at the same time offering a series of solutions. And the solutions are found in the laws of nature and not in legal documents, in the heart and not the mind, in empathy and not economy. Aligning yourself with nature instead of trying to adjust nature to yourself, nurturing love instead of logic, thinking in terms of community instead of personal interests – such actions serve to create a happy and satisfied society throughout its entire structure, and to foster unity instead of separation.

The Mitote is a Native American term which in as few as six letters encapsulates the disharmony between the state of the mind and the techniques to clarify it.

We all face a disharmony of the mind at some point of our lives. Some even spend most of their lifetime in everyday disagreements. Clarification occurs by establishing balance between the base and acid, plus and minus, spirit and matter, word and action, yin and yang…

By adoption rather than conquering, we create peace and harmony.

It is time for clarification.

It is time for a Mitote.